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2016 Conference

The 2016 International Pelviperineology Conference will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel 22-25 September, 2016

Details of the venue, Scientific program and Social program will be available in the near future on this website.

For any questions or suggestions regarding the scientific program or sponsorship contact

Other Conferences in 2016

The 1st International Congress of the Latin American Association of Pelvic Floor, to be held in Bogota from 3rd to 5th March 2016.

For more information go to this URL.

A look back at the ISPP International Pelviperineology Conference September 2015

The ISPP 16th International Pelviperinology Conference was held in Istanbul, the crossroads of Europe and Asia. ISPP and its’ predecessor AAVIS have held very successful annual scientific meetings since our first meeting on the Gold Coast, Australia in 1998. Now the ISPP is a truly international multidisciplinary Pelvic Floor society with valued contributions from urologists, gynaecologists and colorectal surgeons as well as nurses, pelvic therapists, pain therapists and physiotherapists. This year the meeting was in the ancient city of Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople which has been the capital of both the Roman and Ottoman Empires.

The meeting ws a joint meeting with the Urogynecology Society(Turkey) and our Turkish colleagues are doing their best to ensure a stimulating medical and social experience. An impressive international faculty presented a number of papers on pelvic medicine and surgery. The conference dinner was held on the evening of Sunday 6th September onboard a floating restaurant ship cruising the Bosphorus between Europe and Asia with Turkish music and entertainment including Belly Dancing.

Past Conferences

Look back at the 2014 conference here:

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Webcast of International Society for Pelviperineology Annual Scientific Meeting.  Vienna 2010 
Webcast of International Society for Pelviperineology Annual Scientific Meeting.  Noosa 2009 
Affiliated Societies

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